Aldine Learning (Satellite Classes)

  • All leading faculty for all the subjects are available under one roof, you just need to do one registration.
  • Schedules are predefined, with no clashing. Student can get retransmission of classes if any one miss.
  • If student miss the class for any reason, He/She just need to login and get access to the same class from archives. This helps to understand the topic better as it maintains the continuity. Student can also revise the classes closer to final exams for revision.
  • Students can access all classes even on travel or during any personal engagements.
  • Students are able to catch up classes from Home. It is easy and convenient.
  • Students get the complete soft copy of the material and notes of every class on LMS just after the class which help them to revise at the time of final exams.
  • Course material books are included in the fee.
  • Fee is quite affordable and Economical.
  • Class content is full of animations and visualisation for better understanding.

Face to Face Classes

  • Students often have to shuttle between coaching centres, frequently located at far-off locations as different subjects are not available in the same institute.
  • Coaching schedules also clash, and it is difficult to keep pace.
  • In case student is absent on a particular day it becomes difficult to understand the next class as it breaks the continuity.
  • It becomes difficult to write the complete class notes in copy and it becomes challenge at the time of revision
  • Students can't access the classes during travelling or medical sickness
  • Text books are either not available or at an extra cost.
  • Fee is very expensive.
  • No animations and Visualisation to understand the topic.
  • No Backup Available.